Program & Project Management (PMO)

With over 37,500 hours of hands-on experience completing more that 350 projects around the globe and in multiple diverse industries, we bring proven Project & Program Management methodologies to YOUR world. We have a long term record of success in creation of new Program Management Offices, Management of Long Term (Waterfall) Projects, and effective Agile / Scrum Development..

These days, almost all technology initiatives begin with a project plan. A road-map of sorts detailing how we plan to get from here to there.

The problem is ~ the plan you most often begin with is a generic “this is what happened on the last project” sort of approach. It does not take into account all of the other moving parts in YOUR project. The other vendors. Construction. On-going operations. YOUR legal and regulatory environment.

We have the experience and insight to “fill in the gaps”.

When you engage S. C. Roberts & Associates as your Project Manager, you get:

  • A central point of contact for all vendors and departments to coordinate through.
  • A unified Project Plan, in writing, distributed to all participants.
  • On-going, documented communication with all participants.
  • A clearly defined and communicated Critical Path to success.
  • Task assignments so that everyone knows and accepts their responsibilities.

Over the past 25 years we have been involved in hundreds of technology implementations and we have found that a structured, systematic approach to documenting the policy and procedural changes associated with your new tools can have enormous benefits to YOUR business.

  • Overcoming the natural reluctance of people to change.
  • Coordinating procedures across departments.
  • Ensuring that corporate/Tribal stakeholders’ requirements are complied with.
  • Documented compliance with regulatory mandates (SarbOx, HIPPA, NIGA, etc.)