Organizational Change Management (OCM)

New technologies offer new opportunities, but also bring along new challenges. One of the biggest challenges in all technology initiatives is changing the way YOUR business operates, and helping YOUR people through the change process.

While Project Management has a robust set of tools that support the execution: project charter, statement of work, work breakdown structure, schedule, etc. Similarly, Change Management has a set of tools that support the people side of Organizational Change.

Although many may view change management as just communication or training, our experience has shown that change management is most effective when we apply a holistic set of tools aimed at supporting individuals though changes. Those tool sets are often referred to as “levers”, and can be categorized as:

  • Communication plan
  • Sponsorship roadmap
  • Coaching plan
  • Training plan
  • Resistance management plan

We use the term “lever” because these plans allow us to put effort in one direction in order to achieve more success in another direction. When we are working on these plans and activities, our goal is not checking items off of a task list, but rather, leveraging activities to achieve employee adoption and usage.

To be most effective, each plan is customized for YOUR project based on assessments and strategy developed in consultation with upper management and internal change evangelists. Customization occurs based on the size and type of change, as well as the nature of the groups impacted by the change.