Program & Project Management (PMO)

With over 37,500 hours of hands-on experience completing more that 350 projects around the globe and in multiple diverse industries, we bring proven Project & Program Management methodologies to YOUR world. We have a long term record of success in creation of new Program Management […]

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

New technologies offer new opportunities, but also bring along new challenges. One of the biggest challenges in all technology initiatives is changing the way YOUR business operates, and helping YOUR people through the change process.

Business Intelligence

You know that all of the computer systems in your enterprise contain various nuggets of vital information. You know that the information from one system is related to the information from your other systems. You know that if you can get that information out of […]

Small Business Services

Our mission is to spread the freedom and entrepreneurial spirit of America to anyone who is interested in learning how to start a business, and to assist those entrepreneurs who are already up and running to maximize the value of their businesses and the quality […]

Distributed Services

Our Distributed Services are a collection of “cafeteria plans” designed to fill the technical skill gaps of many IT departments. By remotely connecting to your system(s), our experienced professionals can perform all of the activities necessary to ensure that those systems continue to function in […]