Distributed Services

Our Distributed Services are a collection of “cafeteria plans” designed to fill the technical skill gaps of many IT departments. By remotely connecting to your system(s), our experienced professionals can perform all of the activities necessary to ensure that those systems continue to function in the most effective manner, at a price that makes sense.

For small to medium sized enterprises, or those organizations located in smaller labor markets, finding all of the skills required for effective Database Administration, Network Administration, Security, and Disaster Recovery in a limited number of permanent staff employees can be an impossible task.

Such issues create substantial management challenges:

Under Employment

Smaller enterprises may not be able to keep DBA’s, Network Administrators, and other skilled professionals busy enough to justify the salaries that such professionals command.

Knowledge Loss

Employee turnover in smaller enterprises can cause a significant expense in retraining. Loss of passwords, configurations, etc. can leave a company no choice but to “start over from scratch”.

Incomplete Understanding

Under-trained employees can often figure out “WHAT” to do, but lack vital background necessary to determine “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHEN”. Knowing how each decision and option affects the overall enterprise keeps you focused on your business, not your computer systems.

Service Plans Include

Database Administration:

Intended for clients operating large scale database applications – MS SQL, Oracle, etc. – but either cannot find, or cannot justify the cost of, a full time Database Administrator. We will perform regular reviews of your database performance, monitor DB error messages, report our findings to management, and take corrective action where necessary.

Network Administration:

  • Review network and domain configurations.
  • Configuration of remote access software.
  • Weekly review and reporting of network activity for performance and stability.
  • Scheduled server maintenance and diagnostics.
  • Maintain and update all applicable critical patches and service packs.
  • On-site system review and audit report to suggest improvements for existing network.

Security Administration:

  • Provide remote User Account Security and Administration.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled System Security auditing and reporting.
  • Assist setup and maintenance of Internet and Intranet security policies.
  • Active directory implementation and structure.
  • Firewall configuration.
  • Maintain user access files.
  • Maintain and update all applicable security patches.
  • Configuration of virus protection software.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning:

  • Assist in the implementation and configuration of system backup plan.
  • Weekly remote access to review backup statuses and provide reporting of status.
  • Documentation of disaster recovery plan and backup administration training.
  • Regularly scheduled testing of data restoration procedures and verification of restored data.
  • On-site disaster recovery support availability.

Customers who have an active Distributed Services Agreement of any kind are also entitled to discounted rates for additional services.